In this episide Kei te pai's Hana Pera Aoake and Morgan Godfery speak to Gabriella Hirst, the Australian artist, about her work "An English Garden". This was a public installation in Gunners Park, Essex, in the UK. It was planted with Rosa floribunda - or the ‘Atom Bomb’ Rose - a rare species of cold-war era garden rose. In Gabriella's words "the flower beds were accompanied by garden benches baring brass plaques with texts and drawings explaining that it was from this site that Britain sent early atomic weaponry for testing on Indigenous Lands in Australia.

An English Garden was a consideration of British Imperial histories of 'gardening the world' as entangled with current global armaments programs, calling into question the legacies and continuances of European Colonialism globally". Gabriella's installation was challenging and cutting, but as she explains in this episode it wasn't without controversy.


A version of this conversation was published in Art News Spring 2023, which you can purchase here


Kei te pai press spoke to John Miller (Ngāpuhi) in his exhibition space at ObjectSpace in Auckland. Pouwātū was a celebration of transformative events in New Zealand history with, in ObjectSpace's words, "an overarching theme of sovereignty at its core". The show was first shown at the Sydney Bienniale NIRIN 2020 and then expanded for its first viewing on home soil.

It was a pleasure to talk with Miller in this setting, designed by Elisapeta Heta, and hear from him about New Zealand history and his life history.



In this episode with Kei te pai press Giovanni Tiso, the Wellington-based Italian translator and editor, talks with Morgan Godfery about the Italian communist leader and thinker Antonio Gramsci. The man, a court judge once said, must be locked away for 20 years so that the state can "stop this brain from functioning".



In this podcast we discuss Associate Professor Maria Bargh's (Ngaati Awa, Te Arawa) seminal 2015 book, A Hidden Economy: Māori in the Privatised Military (Huia Publishers), as part of our Paanui Club for Poutuu te Rangi 2021.


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