(Re)imagining Indigenous futures: an education program towards revolution 2020
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The Concentric Curriculum & Bus Projects Radio
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This was a special project and we would like to thank our practicipants

Much love to Aroha, Jade, Emiko, James, Lisa and Sean

Thanks also to Leonie, Ana and LĂ©uli x



Reading List (including extended readings)

Mana waahine reader: A collection of writings 1987-1988 Volume i, (eds) Leonie Pihama, Linda Tuhiwai-Smith, Naomi Simmonds, Joeliee Seed-Pihama and Kirsten Gabel

Mana waahine reader: A collection of writings 1999-2019 Volume ii, (eds) Leonie Pihama, Linda Tuhiwai-Smith, Naomi Simmonds, Joeliee Seed-Pihama and Kirsten Gabel

Decolonising methodologies: Research and Indigenous People by Linda Tuhiwai Smith

Critical conversations in Kaupapa Maaori by Alison Jones and Te Kawehau Hoskins

Resistance: An Indigenous response to neoliberalism, (ed) Maria Bargh

An Indigenous People's History of the United States by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz

Freedom from Marronage by Neil Roberts

Carceral Capitalism by Jackie Wang

The Wages of whiteness by David R. Roediger

Debt: the first 5000 years by David Graeber

Discipline and Punish: the birth of the prison by Michel Foucault

The struggle without end by Ranginui Walker

The Angela J Davis reader, (ed) Joy James

Red Skin, white mask by Glen Coulthard

Basic Instinct, a conversation between Hannah Black and Philippe Van Parijs

Mierle Laderman Ukeles' Maintenance art manifesto 1969!

The City Reader by Richard Legates

The colonial lives of property: Law, land, and racial regimes of ownership by Brenna Bhandar

Policing the planet: Why the policing crisis led to Black Lives Matter, (ed) Jordan T. Camp and Christina Heatherton

For America to live Europe must die by Russell Means

How is it to be done? by Tiqqun

The Plot of her undoing by Saidiya Hartman

All about love by bell hooks

Re-making memory on Maitu and other "settlement" sites by Rachel Buchanan

With stories anything is possible by Moana Jackson

The Interregnum: Rethinking New Zealand, (ed) Morgan Godfery

No Prison by Simone Santorso

Race, Real Estate and Real Abstraction by Alberto Toscano and Brenna Bhandar 

Bitch out of hell: the queer marronage of Assotto Saint by Ryan Joyce

Dilemmas of an indigenous academic: A native Hawaiian story by Julie Kaomea

Listening list

A moment of true decolonisation #31 Ruth Wilson Gilmore on the Funambulist podcast

Ariana Reines's Quest for the 21st Century Epic Verse on LARB

Corona under the ocean: Oceanizing history by Phenomenal Ocean


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